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  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games reply She is just a con artist. What she does is every year or so she does something outrageous, gets the internet talking and gets invited to panels, gives speeches and makes some money all with the backing of the media, organizers etc. Then she repeats the process again once people start forgetting about her. Contributes nothing and has achieved nothing. We should just collectively ignore her and just boycott anything she does. Just don't give her the attention.
    • [ – ] RobertSantellan parent reply That's a pretty good idea. But unfortunately not everyone would get on board.
      • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Yeah, I agree. I have a feeling that at this stage these organizers and other media outlets invite her over just because they know she is going to guarantee some controversy and publicity. And she seems to push things further everytime. For instance this Vidcon would not have generated much publicity had it not been for this incident.
    • tonygreene113 parent reply It's difficult to avoid her screed especially since she's given a large platform to vent from every year or so.
  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply Man. It's cool the way you look at the situation rationally but personally the whole situation that they are allowing her attack other creators is sorry. I believe the people at vidcon may have been worried of portraying her as the offender would allow her cause more issues for the people of vidcon themselves. They probably felt as though she would've attacked or focused attention on them and say she was removed or kicked out of vidcon because she was female. Look I agree with you completely rob on equal rights for females and males. But for her to pull out the victim card as a get out jail free card for everything she does or says doesn't seem right to me.
    • RobertSantellan parent reply I 100% agree with you and that is exactly my point in this video. She should have been dealt some kind of consequences for her actions. At the very least, if they gave her a warning after the Sargon issue, they should have kicked her when she did it again to Boogie2988.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply That Anita broad has been a shit starter against men for a long time. I remember her tirades she used to go on about how video games oversexualize women. And she becomes a gamer...
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