Overwatch - Orisa (Funny Moments, Fails, Rage and Skins)

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  • [ – ] AJPatz reply A lot of people were fucking people in this video.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply I have to agree with @AJPatz soo much fuckery going on in this video xD. Bitches and sluts everywhere. This was really fun video to watch. But lets face it, you can't main her after butchering her poor name like that/ XD
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Listen I don't know what gets into me when I play but I promise you when I go through my footage when I start to edit oh dear... I always am surprised by the words that come out of my mouth!! Listen Orisa has forgiven me and we will be partners in crime! Thank you for the tip dooks!
  • [ – ] Brotacular reply LOL. First words with Orisa. "Whatttt, IM ORISA BITCHES" XD good video
  • [ – ] ChaoticGaming reply hmmmmm i can see myself raging in this game :) great video though as always Buddy :)
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply OMG you so would but it would be so hilarious!!! If you ever get the game on PC hit me up it would be a rage fest!!! Also you'd probably be better than me by a mile! Thank you 😊
  • [ – ] derwingamer2 reply Shes hot when shes curses
  • [ – ] MrMemeKing reply Last time I played overwatch Person A was screaming at me to be on the point. Person B was screaming at Person A to stop screaming Person C was singing micheal Jackson and Person D was screaming about the screaming of Person B and A. Its a good game
      • [ – ] MrMemeKing parent reply Wish I recorded it tbh. Whenever I don't something weird happens and when I tell people they don't believe me ;-; going to sell my soul for a camera crew and go pro
        • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Listen this story sounds epic!!! I really wish I could've been there I probably though would've been shouted at for looking at a flower xD at the same time though I would've totally sang MJ! You do need that camera team because we gotta need to see this!
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply I didn't get to play Orisa yet but she looks OP! Can't wait to try her out.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply What font style was that you used for the adlibs and stuff? Weird question but that is a really cool font i might start using the danger mouse font i want a thick font. "Kill my twin sister she is not my friend she is a lot of things i do not agree with" haha. Do you communicate with your team you get proper rage haha. "Done a lot of damage......because it's just what I do" *looks at the camera for a thug life moment* hahaha!! "Sorry i raged a bit".... Yes... A BIT! Hahaha.
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Palamecia Titling is the strange name of the fond!! I also use Bubblegum :) soo go check them out haha :) listen she has done a lot of things that are unspeakable... and I do not agree with them sooo she is not my friend xD the team can hear me in spirit I know it!! hahaha Damn I should've made it a thug life moment!!! xD
      • Rawman parent reply Thanks I'm gunna check it out. Hahaha ok we don't speak of the twin sister he sounds like Bart Simpsons evil twin brother! Nah it was already a thug life moment it didn't need the meme it was great!
  • regularassaveragedude reply Hello everybody in a cool ass mofoker
  • duffy reply some drama in the overwatch community recently: http://compete.kotaku.com/competitive-overwatchs-inconsistent-rules-are-screwing-1793567928#_ga=1.234231198.1892241210.1489906416
  • [ – ] J_Jones reply What region do you play in? If you talk like this all the time when you play, I think my fiancee and I would have a blast playing with you if you're on the NA servers!
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply I play on the European servers haha listen I am certainly not good though so if we'd be on a team there is a high possibility of a loss hahaha
      • J_Jones parent reply Not so worried about the loss... if we're not in comp, it's about having fun (winning is secondary) but I don't think we'd have a great connection to the EU servers and you probably wouldn't have a great connection on the NA servers :(
  • regularassaveragedude reply I see the notifications that you replied but i see nothing on here :-( such heartbreak..MARIAAAA!
  • [ – ] Wolfer reply Haha, this was awesome! ^_^
  • [ – ] regularassaveragedude reply I get notifications that you replied but i cant see anything :-( anyway what mind of computer do you have? Your graphics look siiiiik!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Oh noo it should just be below your comment!! :/ Why thank you so much I am very proud of it I build it just under a year ago my first one! Here are the specs: GPU: GeForce GTX 980 Ti CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • [ – ] regularassaveragedude reply I find it very hard to believe that with that attitude you would ever have a bad day. I've watched like 3 of your vids and I had a smile on my face each and every time. Those are super hero powers.
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply Why thank you soo soo much for this amazing comment!! Really makes my day go read how much you enjoyed my silly videos and that they made you smile!!! 🤗🤗🤗 thank you!
  • [ – ] tomtil reply Awesome video Maria! Love your Overwatch vids! :)
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply SHE HAS NO EYES, but her butt tho. hahaha what camera do you use to record buddy? :D
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply She scared me with no eyes and you know we are meant to be besties!! She can't scare me but her butt hehehe I use a canon T5i to record my silly faces :)
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply This is why I got even more addicted to this game. :D
  • [ – ] regularassaveragedude reply You don't have a man?? That is impossible
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Ohwayoooo~~Look @DookisWatching ballin' with his tip money. Makes me wish I knew how to do anything other than hit on random chicks, make dad jokes, and basically be a complete jackass...but, nah, being a jackass is pretty fun.
  • [ – ] JPGouki_ reply fist bump! 👊🏼 😂
  • [ – ] Sonic_The_Hedgehog reply I can't view any videos on this website
  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply @quazzvids I can't play with you on pc anymore cuz I left pc gaming. Gonna get it on xbox one.
    • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply watttt noooo what happened?
      • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Addiction to pc gaming happened. Can't control myself while playing on pc. Even tupid games I gotta be careful with. (A lot of sleepless nights cause of that) atleast with console I'll have more control over myself.
        • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply ah ok I gotchya man. I know it's easy to get addicted to games. I hope switching to console helps you out. Maybe check out reddit.com/r/getdisciplined. They can help you with setting time limits for yourself.
          • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Hmmm, reddit = useful? Never knew. Always saw it rom a distance. Thank you. (I do have to learn how to manage my time well, and not procrastinate)
  • [ – ] Vossi_46_gaming reply Orisa looks badass. I'm going to have to jump on overwatch myself and check this out. Awesome Gameplay Maria
  • Jasee reply Can you tell people to follow jasee
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