Light Breakdown - 002 - 'Taking a Pill in Ibiza'

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  • [ – ] TechnoBen reply So this seems pretty interesting, and I like the direction. Three bits of feedback, which you are of course free to ignore: 1. You use a lot of jargon. This makes it a bit hard to follow. What is a "BTS" Shot? What is a "2KRE"? What is a "Floppy"? Is it the 2D Plane in your scene? If you're going for a "Hey look fellow pro-lighters, I think this is cool!", it's fine, but if you're trying to build a wider audience it's gonna be an issue. If you've got the time, slow down and explain. 2. It's really cool that you recreated the scene in .... I think it was Maya? Adding sped up version of how that scene was created with pauses for important bits would be a great way to embellish that aspect. 3. You talk a lot about what the scene is and how it's put together, but not at all about why it's been designed that way, or what effect doing it that way has on the overall feel of the scene. Bringing these points in would add some pretty juicy content. Anyway, off to watch more stuf...moref! Hope to see more stuff from you!
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