German Dialects: Swabian

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  • [ – ] Blaewas reply Thanks for posting this video. It's very interesting to hear your take on the different dialects of German. I have seen some of Trixie's videos. She is very interesting and informative. Her English is very good I think because she works in an international company and spends most of her day talking with English speakers. Yours is very good as well. I wouldn't worry too much about the accent as most people enjoy hearing an exotic accent. English speakers tend to be very forgiving as long as you are understandable. I am going to look up Schwäbisch. That sounds like an interesting dialect.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply Thank you very much, first of all. There are many German youtubers who make lots of videos about the German language and typical German habits. Their videos are very helpful. My German-Englisch videos are not that helpful, but I try to talk about vulgar expressions, for example. Because, in my opinion, it is important to tell people swear words, so that they know how to insult the German leftists and others cretins, hehehe.
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