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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply This movie's intro: proof that even smart people can make dumb choices. As much as I found this film to be funny, there is one plot hole that someone on YouTube mentioned: Wouldn't there at least one or two smart people among the dumbasses? Too bad that Pixar ripped this, along with GiFTPiA and Chibi-Robo, with Wall-E. By the way, I know one woman who tried to like it, but wasn't impressed. (Look up Maggie McNeill.)
  • [ – ] GaryTurbo reply The most hilarious movie that is freightenly true (people calling each other "fag" and "retard")
  • slyofwar reply Easily one of my favorite sci-fi horror comedy's
  • nitpickingfreak reply "Onision Influenza" did I hear that right? (I'm not a native speaker) well I will follow just in case I heard it right, good work dude
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