Get Your Free Speech Off The Highway!

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  • [ – ] RedDogDragon reply Pro tip: if you do something that gets in my way and irritates me, you're making it harder for me to agree with whatever it is you're trying to say. Hell, I'm more inclined to take the other side of the issue because you're being an asshole.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Yeah, by protesting (blocking) a high- or freeway they literally holding the traffic hostage enforcing their political or social ideas upon everyone. There are only a few authorities legalized to stop traffic at all - and protesters aren't among them. That's why I'm driving a steamroller...
  • Bitchspot reply Protesting on a highway is not speech. You can speak while doing so, but it is not, in and of itself, speech. It is an action. You can be removed from the highway and go elsewhere that you are not affecting others. Nobody is stopping these idiots from speaking, they are just stopping them from being disruptive.
  • cryptodigitator reply Protesting 101 : If you keep people from getting to work they turn on you. Don't mess with people's bread & butter. IT HURTS YOUR CAUSE.
  • opaxel1967 reply Thank the .. well , whoever , they haven't started this kind of crap over here as yet .. don't know how the cops would react , I should imagine they would just remove and arrest them .. blocking the highway ??? unthinkable .... its bad enough when they go on strike here and holding the rest of us to ransom ... most of the time it's all for nothing at any rate
  • WellReadDaily reply I love the 1st amendment too. Thanks for filling in.
  • FatherFingLing reply If i was a provincial premiere/State Governor i would make it a hefty fine and jail time based on per km of traffic that is backed up and it would be on anyone who is involved. Just to keep shit heads from doing it
  • NexoReviews reply expand (possible spam) Dave was a lady all along! *what a twist!*
  • [ – ] joe7057 reply Also in this case the crime is not your speech or protest, the crime is blocking traffic with the intent to inconvenience people. In my opinion the laws should not even mention protests, but rather say that you cannot intentionally block traffic, excluding a list of pre-determined exceptions, and having the option to ask for permission to do so for a different reason.
  • [ – ] TerribleTorrietheHand reply IDGAF about the law, you stop me from getting to where I need to be or put me at risk of getting injured and I'll just run you right the fuck over, simple as that.
    • BlackbirdFrost parent reply So why's it okay when you disregard the law, but not when they do it? Just like those people in the video were telling the protesters, "there's a better way to do it."
  • GoMGTOW reply In the state of Texas blocking traffic in this fashion constitutes a felony act of road rage, which legally justifies anyone who feels impeded or threatened to run your ass over.
  • MaskofConflict reply I could have sworn a few of the states made it so if you hit a protestor with your car "by accident" that you would be held unaccountable. I guess the places shown here don't have that, eh?
  • DudeSlick reply They don't care. They want to people with as that dumb bitch said, "fancy jobs" to be kept from getting to work.
  • JadeJicama reply In such places, the law of tonnage takes precedence, idiots... you couldn't possibly stop a car going full speed right at you, no matter what the laws of Red Rover say...
  • nekollx reply i'm sure a bunch of protestor will come in and say "disrupting the flow is the reason to do it, so people cant ignore the issue" but there is one very important point i think you mentioned "disrupting Ambulances" When you get right down to it a freeway protests poses a clear and present threat to peopl who COULD BE DYING and additionally impeeds police who could be PERSUING A CONVICT or MURDERER. Can you really justify the disruption then?
  • hasher411 reply If you stop me from getting to where I want to go, you are holding me against my will! Police need warn the protesters, and if they don't comply, Arrest them against a citizens complaint, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. When word gets out it will stop!
  • Avery_1-7 reply That Girl from 'Murica! F**k Yeah!....but why are you not on Vidme?????? YT is spawn of the devil Girl! heh.
  • insaneonthemembrane reply I Would speed up as being surrou nded by fucking idiots with weapons Would not feel safe to me.Self defense
  • he_is_not_funny reply can i eat you out? im really just trying to find a clit to bite..
  • HagaishiTV reply So don't protest? SMH
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