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  • SlavicLore reply Yep. Ground effect. I know what you are talking about. The "Caspian Sea Monster" uses that phenomenon to glide over land and sea... ...When it happened my room-mate, an X-military told me right there and than it was an inside job. I did not believe him at the time. Later looking at the free fall, controlled demolition style collapse I began to doubt the narrative. And after the non existing WMD and password made out of the world strongest material I do not believe anything that gov or media tells me.
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Having watched your Videos over the last two years, it is quite clear to me that this 911 was an inside job to ignite our involvement in the Middle East. Since you have a Fresh Start thanks to Vidme, as you talk about some of the elements of proof and common sense, it is clear that the Deep State was active toward Ramping Up the Military Industrial Complex.
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