TirarAdeguello ASMR Fidget Cube

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  • [ – ] Majo_ASMR reply I went straight away to use vidme after multiple youtubers (you included) told me to start using this platform too. I'm happy that I found you in their convenient ASMR category, that means others can also easily stumble across your content. ^w^
  • GrandCrusader reply From YT to here,.... wherever you may roam, we shall follow
  • HarryT reply Nice to see you've come over to Vid.me to give it a go, you're right about YouTube needing the head-to-head competition. Keep up the great videos.
  • [ – ] YakiClone reply Heck yea bro, you're so great
  • TheNoblePeasant reply Welcome to vidme friend!
  • iSublime reply Hey there. I seen your YT video and I thought I'd come over and maybe even upload vids myself. This was a great video by the way!
  • Paracelsus reply we are going to destroy the censors and the penny pinchers.
  • Roaminginsomniac reply Found you. Thanks for the video explaining this on YouTube.
  • JacobR reply Hello my friend. I've come to follow you from your most recent yt vid. Keep on hustling!
  • Cameronblumer reply I think making this account may also make for a more personal viewing experience. i.e. Having a smaller audience and a category means less normies coming in and being #baddd
  • Leighton reply Hope this works well for you man. Good vid.
  • Freyathor reply Hey Tirar!!! Came over from your page om youtube..love you and everything you do..will follow you anywhere! Omg that sounds kinda stalker like..im not..your just one of my favs. Good luck on this new platform!
  • TF2Charmander reply I've been watching you on youtube for a while and I'm glad to see you on vid.me! I made my account as soon as I saw your video on youtube about a new account on here and I can't wait to get double the tingles
  • Quiescent reply This platform looks pretty cool. I'll stick by!
  • [ – ] ImColin reply The vidme android app is like the old YouTube app and I'm loving it. Dark UI is perfect for ASMR! Only wish I could turn my screen off and play in background like with YouTube red. Hope this move is good for you, Mike, as I'm a long time fan and want to support in any way.
  • Paracelsus reply MASS EXODUS IS BEGUN
  • jttwnsnd reply Love your creative use of items. Thank you for sharing what triggers you find.
  • The-Cosmic-Chief reply Excellent first vid, I wonder if you will get as big on here as you are on yt
  • Mrunaussprechlich reply I hope Vid.me doesn't end like YT with Clockbait and mainstream content nearly everywhere.
  • BlakeyBizz reply Love the vids 👍🏻keep up the amazing work sir 👍🏻👍🏻
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