Global March Against Climate Change 2017 (Boise, ID) - Vlog My Life (Episode #28)

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is Trudeau answer to a struggling single parent that basically said that is life coming from a Trust Funded brat that we have made our decisions and get ready for increased TAXES. Trudeau grilled by single mom over carbon tax [Entire exchange] watch?v=LfQNCQVvMJg I find out that Al Gore’s New Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming. That is the article that came out on April 25, 2017 yesterday. Why does his group get the money. LOL Give it to me instead of Al Gore. I've been posting this for several months before the new demand of Al Gore's attempt to further empty your pockets. The federal reserve Ponzi Scheme put the people of the USA into 20 Trillion dollars worth of debt. Global Warming is the next Ponzi Scheme that will take Trillions of dollars out of our pockets, if we go along with their proposals. It will destroy existing affordable energy infrastructure and replace it with costly unreliable intermittent sources of energy, which many of us are already seeing...more how the Carbon TAX is pushing energy out of our reach, this will only get worse if we let them continue to destroy our existing dependable energy infrastructure. The next part of Trudeau remark is well lest hope the Province care about you. Well they don't it's there policy to shut down the Coal fired power plant that is causing your power to go up. But the replacement power still comes from burning fossil fuels.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Science has a lot in common with Witch craft in may regards, it true until it's proven wrong. This is the theory until proven wrong but 99% of the Scientist still believe the old or manipulated data of Climate Change. The scientist is controlled by the cult of money and their findings are based on the desires of the person holding the purse strings. It has it high priest like Bill Nye that are looking to control the narrative. People use to have respect for the word science but it went from being about progress for all of society to a tool of domination. Nuclear bombs, Rockets, Fighter jets Global Warming. Even the once trusted media has become a tool of the corporations, that try to push their agenda's one of many is fake science of Climate Change as it has become another means to increase TAXES. Trump fought against the Globalist who control the main stream media. The people voted for Trump and we need to stand up against their attempt to create a Climate Change Ponzi Scheme on us al...morel.
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