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  • Tw3ak reply Too bad the NES classic couldn't have added external memory support or even a Wi-Fi dongle to where you could download other rooms and run them even if you had to buy them for a couple of dollars per game it would have really blown up more sales in my opinion
  • Tw3ak reply The sound issue is to bad, it could be great with some simple fixes.
  • SeafoamGaming reply To this day, I'm still baffled on why every single ATGames sega system ever made has horrible sound quality. I think someone from ATGames on the AtariAge forums tried to defend their company by saying it was a cost-saving measure but I still call BS on that since the problems have been going on with these systems since 2008.
  • StuffWePlay reply @tw3ak #seafoamgaming The thing is, the sound issue shouldn't be an issue. Every emulator for the past decade or so can do Genesis sound well enough with the exception of whatever it is AtGames is using. Honestly, if people want to relive classic games for either the NES or Genesis and don't want to use original hardware, I'd still say the best option is just to buy a PSP and mod it.
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