NEW UPDATE!- New Show and Future of this Channel

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  • March_Hare82 reply It's a shame you're giving up on the let's plays, but I can understand lack of motivation, I suffer myself sometimes with my model railway, I'll have a brief flurry of activity, work for a couple of days on a piece of rolling stock, then stop again as the motivation ebbs away. You cannot force creativity. I'll be interested to see what direction you go in now, I just really wish I could get notifications from vidme, I miss so much content currently because of a lack of notifications, whereas YT is sometimes overkill (probably because i need to thin down the subbed channels further).
  • ChrisAtariNerd reply Things happens bro. I know the feeling like you are burned out, you been doing this stuff for years and seems nothing is happening. Like you don't enjoy playing the game anymore....While others, there are little efforts they do and they became successful with ease. Only takes then a month or something. Well I do hope someday, you will enjoy making Lets play video again.
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