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  • [ – ] GoodKhaos reply My first game: Possibly something from PC Jr but I can't remember, so I'll say Super Mario Bros Favorite of all time: FF7 or FF11 Favorite I'm playing now: RE7 Wife wanted to answer too: First game: Pole Position or Pong/Tanks/Pitfall Favorite of all time Super Mario3 Currently Playing: Dungeon Bros
  • [ – ] Orrelion reply First game ever: I have no idea but it was on my nintendo or sega so probably Super Mario or Sonic! Favorite game ever: This one is really hard, but I think it would be Metal Gear Solid. Favorite game right now: Hm, I just bought PlayerUnknown's BattleGround and it's so much fun. I would probably say that one as an online game (and dota2) and as a offline game, I am having alot pf fun with "10 aecond ninja" right now haha. I have some footage of that game on my channel. Small, fun game. I love games with alot of action! Awesome video bro!
  • [ – ] Weirdmusician reply first game i ever played was super mario bros , favorite game ever um Bioshock but theres others , and favorite game right now well i havent played a lot of new games recently so ill say rise of the tomb raider. i enjoyed that one a lot.
    • DanielWingy parent reply Rise of the tomb raider was a great game, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the final one in the series! Thanks for the reply!
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply OK, my first ever game played was pong on the Atari yes I played it, and Defender, um favorite game ever? I don't know, I guess I would go for possibly Never Winter Nights and my favorite game now would have to be Left 4 Dead or Plague Inc. Evolution I know they are not a new ones, don't judge me! It's hydrotherapy nudes of destroying the world hmm. I don't do a lot or any game play on my channel though, I know, I know.
    • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply Hydrotherapy nudes? What? Damn remind me not to comment on video's using my mobile phone
      • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Thanks for the reply! Never Winter nights I havent heard of! I will check that out as you have me curious now. Thanks for the reply
  • [ – ] Nightwulf29 reply First time checking your videos and already laughed within five seconds haha. Great stuff man and left you a follow. Look forward to seeing your stuff. Answers: 1 - Super Mario Bros, 2 - (tough one) probably Metal Gear Solid, and 3 - Mass Effect Andromeda
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply LOL glad you enjoyed! Thank you! Super Mario Bros, good solid gaming foundation there sir! Mass effect andromeda is it actually any good? I have decided to leave it for a good year, let them Iron all the issues out!
      • Nightwulf29 parent reply Yeah Mass Effect Andromeda is pretty fun and they have improved/streamlined the game mechanics i.e. inventory management your character and group, good background for the characters and a better variety of missions. Definitely check it out man
  • [ – ] JayCmakinmusic reply 1st - Either Wizard of War or Radar Rat Race (C64) Fave - Shining Force III (Saturn) Now - Not new but LIMBO (XBOX360, really great game actually) #SNOW/INFORMER #JETSETWINGY
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Hahah my main man, wassup bro. Limbo is great, have you played "Inside"? If you like Limbo chances are you will love Inside. It's like the unofficial sequel, and shout out to the Sega crew.
  • [ – ] wolfflow reply Pitfall Skate 3 Persona 5
  • [ – ] Videogameprof reply 1. SMB i think. i was pretty young, though i was usually a generation behind when it came consoles. 2.Smash bros. series 3. Monster hunter Generations
    • DanielWingy parent reply Lot of Super Mario Bros starters in the comments! Good to see. Yea I didn't get my early consoles on launch, it was down to when my parents got them for me lol
  • [ – ] CaptainFrugal reply First, don't know for sure it was so long ago, maybe pong. Favorite game, tough question I love many. Maybe Doom. Current favorite right now, Super Mario World since I am playing it with my little boy Little Frugal. Great father son time.
    • DanielWingy parent reply Favourite game DOOM! YES SIR!!! Good fkin choice! I love Doom, we talking the oriignal doom right? Super Mario world is my favourtie Mario game man, good choice. Hope you are both enjoying it! Instant follow sir, soon as i saw that Captain America costume lol
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Entertaining video. I like your personality and sense of humor. :) Me, I'm a old (fart) and long-time avid gamer. I'll try to answer your questions. First game; Well, that was many moons ago when I was a kid, but for home-gaming I seem to recall it was a generic family-gaming-console that hooked up to the tv that basically had a couple versions of Pong. :P Later, my first computer was a Vic-20 and I recall my first game on that was "Adventure Land", which was a text-adventure game. Fav game; well, I have several favorite games, so it's hard to narrow down just one. But, I think one of my fav games that I spent the most time playing, way back when I had a PlayStation 1 (which I had a sizable game collection for), was Final Fantasy 7. Currently playing; I like a wide variety and various genres of games, and may alternate / go back-and-forth between different games. Recently I've been doing some retro-gaming (Vic-20 and C64) via emulators on my PC (you can see some retro-gaming vi...moreds on my VidMe channel here too). For more modern games I was recently playing some GTA5 (still load it up for a bit of random fun) and currently I've been making my way through the underwater sci-fi / horror type of game of SOMA (I've been making a let's-play series on that too).
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Thanks for the kind words! VIC-20 you sound like you were gaming before me, so for that... *stands up and salutes* Soma sounds very interesting, something different, have followed you sir, thanks for taking the time to stop by!
      • MysticSword parent reply Awww, hey, thanks man. :) And, from what I've seen of your content so far, I really like your personality and style. Ok, keep up the good work. Cheers!
  • [ – ] OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply Very first game: Super Mario Bros. Favorite of all time: Zombies ate my neighbors/Flashback/Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time I know more than one! Favorite game right now: Resident Evil 7
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Resident Evil 7 is getting a lot of positive reviews and comments, Im not massive on horror games these days lol but I need to check that out, thanks for coming through and watching!
  • [ – ] MegaRetroMan reply My first game: Super Mario Bros Favorite of all time: Secret of Mana Favorite I'm playing now: Chrono Trigger
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply First Game I ever Played: Some racing game on floppy, I can't remember the name of it, but it was OOOLD school like 1994 style PC game lol XD Favorite Game: Toss up, probably Evolution for dreamcast, but also possibly Golden Sun. Favorite Game Right Now: Probably Portal knights... XD
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply I really can't remember the first game I ever played. My favorite and most influential game would have to be Maniac Mansion, followed closely by Pirates!, and then Bard's Tale and Monkey Island and Space Quest. My favorite game right now I suppose is PlanetSide 2.
  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply 1) Super Mario Bros on the NES. My ma bought an NES for Christmas 1988 and thus my intense love for games began. 2) Can I go with a tie of a handful of games because it's too hard to choose? Yea? Ok! Phantasy Star Online/Ver 2./Blue Burst/PSO2, DC Universe Online, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (just about any of them, really), Contra, Legend of Zelda...this list is getting too long... It's my first time stopping by to watch a vid, and am loving it, bud! Definitely tagging along on this adventure!
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply Thanks for the kind words and great comments, enjoyed reading! Man, those turtles games. Hyperstone heist, turtles in time, turtles arcade! Great weren't they!?
      • Voxgizer parent reply Anytime, I enjoy the videos! :) Yea, I love them. I probably play the first one on the NES the least, though, but I am still a huge Turtles fan.
    • Voxgizer parent reply Dammit, I forgot question 3. I get distracted easily...favorite right now would probably, man. I'll go with Resident Evil. No particular one (just not Survivor on PSone).
  • BansheeCharger reply My first game was Super Mario Bros on the NES. My favorite game is Mass Effect 2 My current favorite game is Mass Effect Andromeda side note Im mad that you have the same Fallout poster as me.
  • [ – ] Zenbloke reply First game table top two player Galaxion favourite game Top Skater favourite game the now Horizon Zero Dawn
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