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  • JonTheBemused reply Advice for someone starting their own YT channel? More like advice on how to be incredibly vacuous and inane! Notice that all the advice was about superficial aspects, and nothing about content. Because, of course, they don't want challenging content. For that isn't advertiser friendly. So, on the theme of your video, I say bollocks!
  • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze reply As head of a company why would you publicly admit you're a novice and know nothing about basic things like what makes a successful YouTube video and what it's like to have a channel. It's like becoming CEO of a ballet company and not knowing what Swan Lake is
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Well spoken!!! The absolute best thing of her 'wannabe a youtuber' video is the comment section; it's hilarious how she can't keep up deleting them - and there's literally not ONE SINGLE positive one to be found, but multiple dozens of 'rip-her-to-shreds' comments with THOUSANDS of likes! And don't even look at the vid's like/dislike ratio; i wonder if this stupid cunt finally gets what a horrible job she does as ceo... What?! Hey, a man can at least dream!!
  • PorkCow reply "Be yourself. Be cool. Upload regularly. Make fun of unintelligible foreigners." If this is a plan to get Youtube's CEO flagged from her own site then I fully approve.
  • Emil_Emilius reply I will close my YouTube Channel because i have Vimeo, Minds, Daily Motion, aaaannd VIDME!
  • Watcher-Seer reply Maybe that stuff about having pets in the shot improves a content maker's numbers is true. As soon as I saw what was on Dr Random's head I was hooked.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply The Rock should have just made a blow up Susan W and given her the peoples elbow LMFAO
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply I'm so happy to have discovered your channel!! I'm cracking up on the bus!
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply I love the way Dwayne says Fuck You to Susan, disguised as advice
  • AdventuresOfSuze reply I love this video 🤣
  • Platypus67 reply Btw: this "PUBIC LOBSTER" with the black hair glued to his right cheek is something else!! (I just can't fathom WHAT exactly...).
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