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  • [ – ] SYMPLMedia reply Wow congrats on 80 followers man! Its great to see you grow doing videos you love and spreading happiness and positivity.
  • FireRam reply Have funtimes with the camara! OH Road trip sounds fun!
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Ok, so when you had your hair all crazy like that, I could finally see what @BelladonnaNightshade was saying about you looking like doc brown from back to the future lol, though I was suddenly nervous I had left an SD card in the camera 😂
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply My follows here have plateaued, i'm stuck in the 30's, however i've added 6 (n lost one) on youtube this month LOL.
    • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Actually it's not followers I do this for...I do this for the hell of it and I LIKE IT . lol
      • ITSnippets parent reply I do this to learn video editing, but i've invested a over a grand in equipment so I'd be happy to get some subs n make some money back LMAO.
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