Picking on Bethesda is the new black! Pre-stream Chat (24/09/2017) | Borderlands 2

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  • [ – ] TheJuniper reply I accidentally noticed that with VidMe, you can actually continue listening to the video even when you close your phone. This is a feature that YouTube does not have (compared to say Spotify), and because of that, it really makes VidMe a superior environment to listen to, for example, podcasts, or in this case pre-stream chats. It's really nice to be able to listen to podcasts and ramblings the same way I listen to music. So Gopher what I'm trying to say is that I think you really hit the nail with this idea to upload these chats here to VidMe, and I'd encourage you to continue with this format :^)
    • Snaoke parent reply It is a great feature, that YouTube should have had in the first place and not have you pay for it. The best feature imo is the video minimizes to the bottom right of the screen when browsing comments on the website version. I'm loving vidme more and more each second I use it.
  • SurfaceHealer reply Would like for you to see a bit of Farlands......... Lots of really good builds.....
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