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  • nekomajinheika reply I watched MHA with a friend so I could point out exactly why the twits yapping about it all the time are retarded. After actually watching it I realized I had underestimated the depths of their retardation, not only does MHA do literally nothing new, the characters are all one note stereotypes/archetypes with zero nuance. There is literally nothing to this series, to even begin comparing it to classic western comics is an insult, it's a mistake only a dimwitted weeb who has never picked up a comic could make. Anyone who thinks that punk Deku is half as human as Peter Parker should be ignored entirely.
  • AnimeReviews reply I think people are trying WAY too hard to reach for DEEP in something that's just a fun superhero anime. Because we all know, WAY too many people try to make something DEEP when it's not!
  • John_Cardboard reply Even the previous Big Three had a much better start even though they went downhill later on.
  • TheAnimeCW reply You know Boku no Hero Academia is making big waves when hipsters/SJWs are already shitting on it because it's a "mainstream anime". It's a very good show. Will overtake Naruto in a few years, for sure.
  • [ – ] bastek66 reply Wow another worthless video about some retarded overthinkers and/or newfags. I like BnHA despite it's flaws, it's cliché and unoriginal but stil enjoyable.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply This anime could have worked if it were a parody. By parody, I mean Mel Brooks, the Zucker Brothers (before they went to shit in 2003), Jim Abrahams, and Pat Proft. As it stands, serviceable animation, and nothing more.
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