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  • [ – ] LordTerminal reply Durarara is a light novel and it has no Jesus-kun. Stop pasting this stereotype on LNs just because SAO got popular and your precious Shinsekai Yori didn't.
    • Shadow-Priest parent reply Well that was uncalled for. Ok, first, the exception proves the rule. Second ,it was obviously an exageration and LN are shit, but he never said the sole reason they are shit is the one u mentioned.
    • [ – ] BobAinsleyFord parent reply Unlike Petros, I am consistent. Shinsekai Yori is average at best and there are no good light novel anime.
      • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Have you seen Katanagatari? It's decent.
        • [ – ] BobAinsleyFord parent reply I have not seen it. From what I've heard there's a lot of talking during fights.
          • Embrace-your-sorrow parent reply Sometimes, but it generally fits and isn't placed right in the middle of the fight, more so in the downtime or as a build up before the fight. It's a character driven series, and fleshes out its cast fairly well. The final episodes are quite good and overall it's a decent anime, definitely above average. Not exceptional, but for a light novel adaptation is one of a kind.
  • [ – ] Shadow-Priest reply Never seen this anime, but wasn't the MC supposed to have no magic powers?
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