Smoke's Poutinerie | MF Kraven Vlog (Taste Test)

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply This was a fun vlog... love me some food!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply So silly for a UK person like me to watch this lol because I have absolutely no idea what Poutine actually is even after you showed it and explained the ingredients :P
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply HELL YES POUTINE!! I'm such a suck for anything with fries...chips...whatever you want to call them. LOL Now I'm hungry.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Have a poutine on me man. :D
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That looks so good. I'm big into BBQ so pulled pork is right up my alley for a special treat. Had to look up locations and the closest one to me is in Tampa. :( I hope they open up one here in Atlanta some time.
    • MFKraven parent reply I hope so too, I have a ton of family who do not eat pork at all, and I'm always telling em how bad I feel for them because they've never experienced pulled pork. Smoke's is a pretty young company I'm sure that theyll cover the ATL area soon with everything you guys are getting (by everything i mean a new football stadium) :p
  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I love Smoke's Poutinerie! They've been here in Toronto since 2008. I really love their food. I don't get it too often cuz it's not cheap.
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply it's not cheap at all but after struggling to finish two of these bad boys between 4 people i said, well wait a min, maybe it is worth the expensive price tag lol we've only had it here for about 2 years. and im always in the area but that parking lot is always hell to park in
      • linktheinformer parent reply I definitely agree with you, but for me i think of it as having to spend $10 or whatever the price was when I last ordered some. When I have disposable income, it's on my list lol.
  • [ – ] newjess reply I've never been here but I have been to BIG WANGS right next door in Hollywood. Looks good, gotta check it out!
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply Big Wangs is so good i was gonna go do a 'vlog' there for some Pizza fries! You should def check Smoke's out, but honestly if youre gonna get the big box share it with a couple of friends! lol
      • [ – ] newjess parent reply Will do! I literally used to drive by this place every day like "huh what's that" but now I have to go.
        • MFKraven parent reply same here! i only walked in a few weeks ago because i was bar hoping and a friend of mine was hungry, its open till like 4am i think and man did it sober me up real quick haha
  • Rawman reply THIS IS THE ULTIMATE!!!
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