Antifa Thug Gets Arrested After Setting American Flag On Fire

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  • TheDreamFlow reply Is that your footage?
  • Trumpenator reply Antifa gonna get unveiled in prison, no momma love there, they gonna show you what gang life is, you dont join by beating down someone, you join by cleaning your leaders tubestick..believe it Viagra is used there and as long hes erect its gonna be a long night for you little pussy Antifa bitches. Better invest in years of vaseline your gonna need it for your asses and mouth..believe it little boys, the prisoners are waiting for your judgement day, its like christmas gifts for the convicts.. *Wink* *wink*
  • wolfalexzemla reply Just imagine when these antifa start running for political office.
  • yuiopads reply Where is based stickman when you need him
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