BESTEST ARTIST EVER | Passpartout #1

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  • Glassic_Gamer reply Wow you are amazing at using that painting program :) I suck at using a mouse to draw hah.
  • [ – ] WolfandRaptor reply LOL PINK SUCKS!!!
  • [ – ] NastyDaveX reply I think a trio between my cat avatar, you & @TaraBabcock woiuld be very intresting!
    • [ – ] SalBerry parent reply LOL, Iuno how to even begin to draw that!!
      • [ – ] NastyDaveX parent reply You do nothing woman let me start with giving you a back rub cuz you at least know how to reply to a sensual man like me. That deserves dessert! Love you, Sal, love you for being so open-minded to a man's passions even thou they quite simple.
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply "I can draw to an extent." Then makes some of the best pictures I ever seen in a Passpartout Let's Play. ;)
    • [ – ] SalBerry parent reply Naw thanks Nick! Any suggestions for next episode?
      • NickOfTime parent reply Ooh! What about painting a glass of wine? Or Vladdy? Or you and MomBerry together? Or your trademark pink golfball? One of your favorite slimes in Slime Rancher? .....or I could just keep going and prove how much more of a stalker I am lol.
  • Arcade-Salad reply seems like a really fun game i like that you can create your own drawings :)
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