UPDATE! We're back :)

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  • [ – ] MFKraven reply YESSSS @MintGalaxei is back, @robindies is back! Is @MariaTheGerman making her way too? Vidme hasnt been the same without you guys.
  • [ – ] TimBabblehump reply *points* AAAARGHHHHH Zombies/Walkers/Puppies and kittens/Infected....etc. Welcome back guys!!!! :D Your hair makes me jealous because I haven't had time to dye mine in weeks! Also it looks more awesome than mine too XD
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply AHH thank you!! I was trying to grow out my natural color for the longest time, but then I was just like WOW THIS IS REALLY BORING I THINK I'LL GO PURPLE 😂 upkeep is really time consuming though haha. I've only had it for a few weeks and already I'm getting root growth.
      • [ – ] TimBabblehump parent reply Upkeep is the worst! I've given up caring about my roots because bleaching and then colouring takes up most of the day so I usually just let it fade away then do it all at once :p The sudden decision about a colour is the best way to go about it XD
        • [ – ] robindies parent reply Yeah I basically just let it fade until I can't stand it anymore, and then fade it a bunch on purpose over a week or so, and then have my stylist-friend bleach my roots for me because that shit is hard and way too time consuming :P hahaha. Then I can just leave the new color in all night, which is the easy part. What brand color do you usually use??
          • [ – ] TimBabblehump parent reply I do it all myself and I usually miss some parts at the back XD I use "Live XXL" by Schwarzkopf because they've got a wide selection of colours although the permanent ones aren't overly bright
            • [ – ] robindies parent reply Just never show anyone the back of your head 😂 hahaha. I've never seen that one! I use Punky Colours. It smells like candy and is super bright (and also doesn't damage your hair).
              • TimBabblehump parent reply It's usually the roots that I miss back there so the rest of my hair mostly covers them XD I don't think the one I use is available in the US. I'll keep an eye out for that one :D Nice smelling dye would be nice to use XD
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply Welcome back! I love your hair!!!
    • [ – ] robindies parent reply THANK YOU!! It makes me look even more pale than I already did 😂
      • [ – ] Orginaljun parent reply You are lucky that you are pale, in Asia that means beauty. Of course love is within and not the outside looks, lets keep it real ^^
        • robindies parent reply Hahahaha, well thank you :) honestly the only thing I don't like about being pale is how easy I sunburn! Luckily for me I live in a very cloudy state :P
  • [ – ] BOOTYHUNTERS reply insomnia is a bunch of butts. welcome back yall
  • [ – ] eksylay reply Welcome back!
  • [ – ] BedtimeGaming reply I'm glad you amazing 2 are back, Dang you guys went through a lot. Well, can't wait to see more amazing stuff from you guys!! :)
    • robindies parent reply Thanks so much, man!! We're excited to be creating again :) definitely missed it more than I would have thought.
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply *cue welcome back Kotter song*
  • scottwebb reply welcome back! I am working on a comeback lol
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