War-pig Wench Clinton Joins Chorus of Warmongering Chickenhawks Calling for Attacks on Syria

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  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply This is going to be the time that we see what Trump is really made of. If Trump gives in to the neocons, he's not my president either , anymore.
  • Sectual reply There is NO WAY IN HELL... NO WAY that Trump can be AT ALL SERIOUS about this Syrian war bullshit. With his opponent HITLERY CLINTON bolstering the idea of attack now, if he is supporting of this then he's ESSENTIALLY HITLERY HERSELF. Surely to God... SURELY Trump is NOT going to fucking do this. He has to have more respect from himself than to immediately screw his entire support system and throw away his good reputation FOREVER by getting involved in this Syrian war NONSENSE. If Trump does this, WE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE VOTED FOR HILLARY. Don't let us down, Trump... DO NOT.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Hillary loves killing. babies, american servicemen, political oponents ect... She blames her potus loss on stupid american voters.
  • coldwarrior reply Gotta like the coldwarrior part.
  • Cmygo reply I wanted to finish my engineering degree and than while earning some money start preparing for WW3 and global collapse. Seems like I have to think of a Plan B ...
  • OpulentMiracle reply Title should have been "Red Robed Warlock Rampages and Rips Retarded Representatives from Ear to Asshole"
  • wolfalexzemla reply Yes hillary's mind is gone. podesta ate it. Her soul was taken also. look to soros on that one.
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