Beer Reviews: Camba Doppelbock Bourbon (10.5% ABV)

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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply GI Joe tshirt FTW!!!!!
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply Note to self, wear that shirt more often. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of GI Joe, but I picked it up about 10 years ago because I felt it to be amusing due to what my profession is.
      • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply I've got a friend named ROb on Vidme and Youtube, his vidme channel name is Tyger, he is like a "t shirt collector" and he used to make paintball videos. Every paintball video he would wear a new gimmicky tshirt. A few times he wore GI a GIJoe shirt too, and I did think the same thing as you... Alpha Romeo Mike Yankee. You could make that part of your shtick... put very subtle hints in your vids that that's what you do without totally giving it away. Do the tshirt, and use loads of abbrviations... you know the military LOVES abbreviations, they have abbreviations for EVERYTHING. You should do that. I've put subtle hints into some (but not all) of my vids as to what I do. But what I do, it's not the sort of thing you have an open conversation about unless somebody is genuinely interested.
        • November_Fox parent reply That's not a bad idea! I do plan on making a video about what I do for a living, once I'm no longer in. I've even considered titling the video something like "My coming out video"; just to sort of mess with people. Be yeah, I really like that idea! Thanks!
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