London, Manchester, and a warning to us who remain peaceful

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Defending your self isn't hate, the problem is your leaders are scared, because they just spent the last 30 years Brainwashing your Children and now they are scared to admit they were wrong. So they would rather cover up the truth.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Islam IS NOT the culture for feminism and the LGBT ( Graphic ) IMAM threatens: "Germany WILL be an ISLAMIC State, Your Daughters WILL Marry Muslim, She WILL learn Arabic.."
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They will keep kill the people of Europe, because the migrants need to make room for their mass migration. Room for rent signs will be going up soon. In the mean time keep paying your taxes while you wait for the chance to post your sincere regards again, while you hope it's no one you know or too close to home. News break the frequency and time between attacks is getting less and less and everyday they send out the boats to help more and more ISLAMIC terrorist cross the SEA with your TAX dollars. Hopefully the people that died today pre paid for their burial plot as the price is sure to rise rapidly, Funeral business reaps profits as UK death rate soars
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Theresa May, is trying to stop the reporting of Terrorist attacks, that is what she means by cracking down on the internet. It's NOT any different than Trudeau's ISLAMOPHOBIA Bill M-103. That is really what she is calling for. They have already take action to cover up how ineffective they have been at protecting the people of England by arresting those that expose the truth. We need to watch this Man to ensure they don't step up their mistreatment of him for exposing the Truth of ISLAMIC RAPE GANGS working in England. Tommy Robinson: The truth about my 4 a.m. arrest
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Is this video proof that the ISLAMIC terrorist have infiltrated the Police force of England A large portion of the Trudeau Cabinet is Muslim and their the ring leaders pushing to stop free speech in Canada. It looks so obvious whenever Kevin J Johnson goes up against the peal School Board and the police seem too anxious to stop any Anti Islam protest. It looks like the police force there has there also been infiltrated with ISLAMIC personal. This issue has been brought up in Canada. Muslim tells Canadian Senate about the danger of the Islamic doctrine, and the left PC madness
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