Wednesday Weekly World News - 28th June 2017

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  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Just shows how fragile the water system is... Not only is the food on the shelves treading a thin line, but the water is too.. Petya - Another example of why we shouldn't go cashless. Yellowstone and other quakes - I think as long as the stresses are being relieved by the smaller quakes, fine.....But when a build up occurs then we should star to be worrying... The quakes around Yellowstone may be down to a build up of pressurised magma????? I do know that the hills around certain lakes there had either risen or fallen in altitude in the last couple of years.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Yeah it's very fragile. There is from the human race's perspective an unlimited amount of water, but the tiny fraction that we do use is done so very inefficiently using an incredibly fragile infrastructure.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Good point about the water supply origin. I still think the majority of the world takes water for granted.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Oh absolutely it's taken for granted, the majority of people just turn on a tap and think it comes from the tap! No consideration for how they use it or where it comes from. Also those who think like this are very often the first to complain if it stops flowing and have nothing in preparation for if it does!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply What Happened To The Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener Emails? Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shuts Down Seth Rich Murder Case! Looking into Clinton Corruption can be fatal BREAKING: Federal Prosecutor Found Dead, You’ll Never Guess What He Was Investigating. watch?v=tS17cZ4q8Dc Another person just about to give evidence on Hillary ends up murdered just like Seth Rich Look Who Was Just Found DEAD After What They Were About To Expose On Hillary watch?v=DIuddvONNMg Another Elite Jailed - This Time: Voter Fraud Another Elite Jailed - This Time: Voter Fraud Look Who Just Stole $550 MILLION Of Social Security Funds– And He’s Getting Away With It! DROPPING Like Flies! ANOTHER Democrat Busted For Fraud! Another Elite Jailed - This Time: Voter Fraud
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