Computer Components Explained: RAM

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  • techn0vids reply ayyyy its barry
  • LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Also, love the pun at the end.
  • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR reply Love your computer components explained series, and everything about this channel is awesome, I just kinda hate that you don't reply to comments on vidme, but I can let you off, as you have quite a large subscriber count on youtube, and a lot of comments on it. It's just upsetting to know that just because I decided to go on this website, my comment won't be replied to or even read :( but fair enough, you are large on youtube.
    • [ – ] Redo3169 parent reply Yay Someone else is here!
      • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Yeeep. I use vidme to watch people who are either exclusively on vidme, or on youtube AND vidme. I use youtube to watch people who are exclusively on youtube :) But, when I do start making vids, they'll be on vidme because I highly prefer it is a platform to youtube.
        • [ – ] Redo3169 parent reply Same with the viewing thing! I hope Barry actually links this channel in the description of his youtube videos so more people come here.
          • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Cool. I agree. Oh, btw, wanna talk about specs? I'd love to know the specs in your system. My specs are pretty low spec: Cpu:Amd fx 4300, gtx 750ti, 8gb DDR3 ram, 500W psu, 250GB ssd+ 500GB HDD, AMD mobo,Stock AMD cooler, and a random case. Oh, and a 1080p monitor, cheap membrane keyboard and cheap havit mouse (upgrading my keyboard soon :))
            • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply And I'm also upgrading my mouse as well
              • [ – ] Redo3169 parent reply Cool! My specs are: msi gtx 1070 gaming x, 8gb DDR3, 600W psu (doesn't have 8 pin), 500gb ssd (for games exclusively) + 250gb ssd (for the main os) +1tb hdd (for random stuff), Intel Xeon w3680, random cooler/case (that i have to have the side off currently to fit my 1070 in) and a 4k 60hz asus monitor. My keyboard is a arvo compact gaming keyboard (christmas) and i have a random hp mouse. i have another case that is bigger and cooler looking but my current psu is an old one and wont fit so I'm hoping to get a new one soon :P
                • LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Oh, and what OS do you use? I use Linux (You can probably tell by my name) Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
                • [ – ] LinuxIsAwesomeDR parent reply Awesome! You have a beast of a PC. I'm gonna build myself a new PC soon, here are the specs: i5 6600k, gtx 1060, 250gb ssd+ 1TB Wd blue, 16GB DDr4, a 550W psu ( So I have about 100W wiggle room for upgrades) and a random case.
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