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  • Greeny83 reply I don't think I've ever seen anyone try and fail harder at being funny.
  • art3miss reply This is the most pathetic thing I've seen in my life.
  • DrDevinRX reply I'm cringing from the "wonderful" commentary in this video. IGN 50/10.
  • IvanAnfilofieff reply I'm sad people like this exist
  • [ – ] FailMasterr reply Who came here from Rags?
  • Rurik reply I'm starting to get an image of what this guy is really like. I think he gets extremely violent sexual urges and possibly actually hates women in a kind of Elliot Rodgers kind of way. They probably even started out as intrusive thoughts before it spiraled out of control over the shame he felt in having them. A subtle anger that grew over time due to the culture in which he was raised punishing him for being male. This is why he can't see the humor in anything regarding rape. It's also why he just channels this cringey shit so well throughout the video, it's actually there. He assumes that everyone that ever thinks about stuff like this thinks about it in the same ways he does. He's overcompensating for the intrusive thoughts that almost certainly plague him daily. Whether or not they were legitimate desires in the past no longer matters, because he let them fester for so long that he'd almost certainly turned them into real desires. In a way, I imagine this guy is similar to the pol...moreiticians that seem to really hate gay men because he himself is gay but was raised in a repressive community. All those little desires get thrown into the back of your mind and suppressed til they turn into a form of intense resentment towards everyone that is more accepting of his deep personal shame. He's one seriously fucked up dude.. and I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually committed some pretty heinous crimes. Then again.. that's just my feelings on the topic. Maybe he really does thing this thinly veiled sarcasm is actually clever commentary, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming he's just damaged beyond comprehension rather than willfully and maliciously blind.
  • mootavic reply This cunt is the cringiest loser that I've ever seen in my life. Regardless of the fact that he claims to have been "pointing out how bad gamers are" this was painful to watch.
  • MrRadiolipsGame reply Holy shit dude :( Just imagine yourself above your body watching yourself be this person. Fishing so hard.
  • Dank_Sarah reply he looks like my ass while im taking a dioriah induced shit
  • [ – ] TheGoldenZombie reply Oh gawd... I have never seen anything more disgusting in my life... MOM! WHERES THE BLEACH?! IMMA BABY FEED IT TO THIS FAG!
    • TheGoldenZombie parent reply Also... "Women are fragile... Because they're Women!" such a fucking faggot. "If I say it's a joke then it's funny!" *He sounds like an egotistic fucking 3 year old* #suckaduck He is supposed to be a member of some group that DOESNT DISCRIMINATE. Bruh. I am done watching this my braincells is dies ung.... *brain dead*
  • DanConnors45 reply He sounds like a 70 yr old man.
  • Mr_Chuckles reply this is gloriously cheesy
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