How to WIN the English Class Final

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  • [ – ] Direm reply LA is... well... like a gun. The teacher is (figuratively) a gun and the class is (figuratively) the bullet. What you want is a teacher that delivers the learning topics and subject matter accurately and with insights on how to do it. The subject matter can range from small lacerations to complete explosion of the cranial cavity depending how much you enjoy it (gunpowder). So, relatively speaking, what you're looking for in an LA class is a CHEYTAC M200 INTERVENTION that shoots a .408 round at 3000f/s. But most my classes end up looking like this Also, nice video! I took ~5 minutes of my life to write this. You've earned this
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply High School English was HELL for me, and shockingly now, my main job is as a writer. That was thanks to a Grad Student that mentored me though in University. She made writing fun for me, and built my confidence in myself. Very thankful to her.
    • [ – ] OhSOAnnoying parent reply glad you got to experience writing in a positive light! I wish they would have made highschool english more creative driven than analytical. Would probably have a lot more inspired kids in class.
      • Roamancing parent reply Could not agree more. What I got out of high school english was that it was not a subject I should be pursuing a career path in, which on looking back at things with what I am doing today, is quite comical.
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