Pink Haired Feminist Saves Us From The White Savior Complex

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  • [ – ] NoirKamui reply "Existing while white" = new t-shirt?
  • gmak2012 reply Could do without the sterotyping of Canadians, though.
  • gmak2012 reply How many white people died to end slavery - the only time that it's ever been done that we know of? How many white people died fighting the slave industry of the Barbary Pirates, who enslaved non-Islamicists? I'd say that that allows us some heroes in fiction, no? If not good enough, I play the "We created modern civilization" card. Thanks.
  • santora1957 reply You sure she's a, well, a... She?
  • Caz_Gerald reply Give this poor girl a break, she's simply trying to monetize her */studies degree bestowed upon her by the Western Indoctrination System.
  • ape_man99 reply The people will be free And a kangaroo shall lead them
  • Maxime_Desrosiers reply Why do feminist always have weird colored hair?
  • notatheist reply Why are all the refugees migrating to predominately white countries?
  • Unknown2U reply Hilarious video Devon! Great job
  • IntotheAbyss reply Why is it whenever a feminist is on video they always have that one eyelid that is out of sync when they talk like they're having an aneurysm.
  • [ – ] frbe0101 reply I want to pop that zit by her left nostril
  • frbe0101 reply I did 2 years in peace corps, they could have sent me to the Ukraine or something, but they sent me to Zambia, therefor I am a "white savior"? no, Jew savior... Jesus, I am Jesus.
  • Sebaka reply What is wrong with her nose?
  • bburnell reply I''m going to make an assumption. She is middle to upper middle class and she is attending a liberal arts college. Probably her second year. This is regurgitation not an original thought. The sad thing is that nobody called out the original 'thought' as shit. This is a sample of what is going on in classrooms in most secondary education throughout North America.
  • cccccccccccoccc reply I like the idea that it "frames people of color as being unable to solve their own problems". Open borders migration and the term "refugees" do the same thing, so can we stop this please? We don't need Western countries to be the saviours of people who live in shitty countries, because dat's raycis.
  • [ – ] cccccccccccoccc reply The white saviour trope encourages us to empathise with non-whites. Criticism of the trope encourages us to reject whites. It's perfect!
  • Jim-Bob reply The dumbest ever? Possibly? Nice work Devon.
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