Smoking Marijuana Increased Death By High Blood Pressure Times Three!

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  • rxantos reply You still are into the "Government knows best" mentality. Your decisions are not their responsibility. You own yourself, thereof you are responsible for yourself. The only valid reasons for government to exist is to serve as an arbiter of law , enforce it, and to coordinate common defense. Government is not your dad or mom. Nor does it care about you. Still Good job on delivering the message. of the side effects of Marijuana.
  • GraemeM77 reply Please keep posting Gabe. People who only watch people they agree with all the time are complete dummies. I respect Gabe's opinion.
  • SoopyLoopy reply Welcome back, Gabe. I figured you were up here for the Black Hills Sturgis Biker Rally. I kept an eye opened for a guy wearing a Cowboy hat riding a Road King. Many compare the virtues of marijuana over alcohol. I've never heard of anybody ordering an ice cold frothy mug of draft marijuana to wash down a slice of pizza.
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply
  • EyesWideOpen22 reply Smoking Trump is dangerous too, if he continues with his Fire and Fury campaign, a lot are gonna die. Btw did you know the US bombed the crap out of North Korea in the fifties, and they wonder why they are so hostile.
  • theicediamond7 reply what the fuck is wrong with you
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