Let's Play SOMA. #29: "Simon is Beside Himself!"

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  • [ – ] SilentGamer reply Here you are :) Omg omg "Loch the door" hahaha :) The old Simon doesn't look so nice LOL Thank you for share, very nice episode :)
    • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Hey there. Yes, here I am. :) Sometimes I can get busy with other things going on in life, other projects and priorities, so I may not always be able to upload as often as I'd like to. But still, I'll try try to record, edit & then uploads new videos when I'm able to. Making the content & sharing it is something I enjoy doing. Yes, old Simon looks kinda rough. I didn't have the heart to shut him down though unless I'm forced to. Yeah, It was pretty scary when I had that thing chasing me down that hallway. I got through the door just in time. "Lock the door!". I'm glad you enjoyed the episode. I much appreciate your interest and support. Cheers!
      • SilentGamer parent reply It is fine and I understand, I will be here waiting for your contents and enjoy them :) Have a great weekend :)
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