Surviving Trauma Without Becoming a Victim

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  • [ – ] RubenJame reply Good Vibeo, I feel like you spoke the truth! 👌
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Great video :)
  • Lotus_Anime reply And again, Trophy-Hunters trying to get more than they "have done for it", in this case, as you mentioned, "want to stay" in the victim-role, or more precise "victim-identity".
  • MitchTheRipper reply This is where my inner "Grouchy Old Prick" comes out: The worst victims are those that call themselves "Survivors," because it's The Great Lie. A "Survivor" is just a victim who found another way to be defined by that one piece of their life. Hell, it's not even an interesting lie. It's just a fucking selling point. When someone tells me they are a "____ Survivor," I instantly wonder what they want from me. That's how widespread it is. People need to grow the hell up.
  • SirKek reply Your video gave me ptsd. I'm a victim.
  • celticflame reply Thanks hon,i here ya for being honest. I too have gone through quite a few real life bad things but life does go on,you survive,you carry on,you become stronger from overcoming those obstacles. Keep going forth!😉
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