blocked in some countries

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  • StartingtoAwaken reply Satan's human facsimile sucks.
  • Miss-Marsha-20 reply This reminds me of Revelation 13:14 when an "image" in honor of the beast is set up
  • SpazRabid reply Hey Ritchie, I've been a follower on YT of yours and I feel like you're a brother,brother! Keep up the good work! This world is seriously screwed!
  • shellywelden reply LOVE RICHIE FROM BOSTON!! Made an account here today just to follow him :) BUT, I can't watch ANY videos?? Since I'm new here, was wondering if it's smtg I'm doing wrong? Anyone know what's up?
  • OneWill reply No sound needed,imo
  • lawgaunt reply Yeah sound is out.
  • CindyfromGlosta reply I was unable to hear video
  • awakened1979 reply i can't get video or audio
  • RichardWendling reply Pretty cool how you can upvote on the frontpage for the vids you have seen. this is not bad.
  • RichardWendling reply Speaking of nightmares, ever see Cremaster 3
  • RichardWendling reply Was there no sound on this one? That dude is in "Funky Forest". That movie is insane and also here This may induce nightmares in some folks
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