I Hate Religion, And Jesus Too

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  • [ – ] Darksh1ne reply Sigh.... where is downvote button, vidme?
  • Pkrussl reply Nice older video TJ! Glad to see you on Vidme ;)
  • bfuss0101 reply I hate same sex intercourse, but I love penis
  • [ – ] Mondmann reply Fucking welcome to VidMe, TJ. Back in the day you were the first person to make me question my Christianity. Transitioned to some weird half-science, half religious belief, then to Agnosticism, fast forward to today and as an Atheist, I can give a fuck less about any religion and don't believe any of this spiritual, religious bullshit. :^)
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Nice older video, insane that the video in question has over 32 million views and quite a few likes plus the channel is verified too. Means there must be loads of people that believe that (I wonder how many religious people have actually read and understood the whole bible)... 0_0
  • RedZeptic reply lov them oldie videos
  • KRP_Productions_Official_TV reply Bitch Jesus is gonna fuck you in the ass
  • [ – ] Collapse reply E D G Y
  • VukMUS reply Dude sounds confused, TJ.
  • animeknight99 reply TJ are you reading these comments?
  • JimGiant reply Good to see you here bro. I watch all your shit on YT so I probably won't comment on many videos unless you start making some Vidme exclusives.
  • xinic5 reply lol...I know Christians who act surprised when I say they are religious... It's like, you go to church every Sunday, you constantly talk about how everything is "god's will". He is always on your mind, you're not just a Christian who only really practices on holidays and when bad shit happens, you are full blown religious.
  • Torok0420 reply nice title ... not really
  • [ – ] ACT8113 reply The bible is the oldest Tumblr Fan Fic. along with all other religious books (let's see how many pissed off religous nuts actually reply to this)
  • Amber_Love reply For all of the fundies watching this video: If you read the title and thought "I'm gonna hate this video, but I'll watch it anyways." I'm sorry to say, but you're a fucking moron.
  • BeastionX reply exist people that dislike jesus and do something evil and dislike the peace, only do the good thing you feel alive. people that dont believe in god but believe in the devil inst a atheist is a Satanist.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply I don't like it.
  • [ – ] DylanG reply I'm sorry you feel that way. I can't force you to love God, but I hope you find out what us Christians mean when say or do things in the name of God. I have questioned him multiple times in my young life, but something within me isn't letting me leave. If our purpose in life isn't to be friends with an all-loving diety, what is thr point?
  • ubiquitous_reverser reply I can appreciate your frustration with a video like that. Long and hard is the way that leads up to life and there are few who find it. Broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who are on it. A lot of what Jesus said was divisive. If you don't love God/Jesus more than anyone else you are basically making a person or whatever you may love more as an idol, or a false God. So if you aren't willing to love the very source of life, love, and peace more than anything else you are putting your heart in the wrong place. For instance, your mom is great, but can your mom give you eternal life? God/Jesus can. There are a lot of ways with biblical prophecies to prove that there is a God, I think they stand out as a clearer example in comparison to the whole creationism argument. Choosing to submit yourself in obedience to Jesus/God/Bible as the ultimate authority in your life is a huge act of humility. It's really difficult to make the choice to do that, especially if...more you have as many doubts about it as you do. And then even after you may make the choice to do that, learning to submit to and obey what the Bible/Jesus teaches is not an easy task. The Holy Spirit makes it possible, but it doesn't ever really get easy. Keep questioning, keep searching, if you really want to figure out the truth about God and Jesus you will. As hard as it is, it's worth it. Knowing that you know the truth in a personal encounter with God's Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ is an experience that will change everything in your life and no one or no thing will ever take that away. You can know God and be certain of Jesus Christ being God incarnate. What we do does have meaning, it just doesn't fulfill the requirement of God's law to absolve us of the guilt of our sins to do good deeds. God's punishment for sin is an eternal punishment b/c God is eternal and in that realm so are the consequences of sinful actions. The bible teaches that we are all born into sin/ corrupted in nature so that God could use his mercy to save all of us for His Glory, as since He is Holy (pure, sinless) He is the only one worthy of Glory, Honor, Praise, Worship. Because none of us can live holy and perfect being corrupt in nature. It's heavy stuff but it makes sense if you look into it. It's just too bad that there are so many other religions you can look into and get lost in trying to figure out the most important question regarding your existence.
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