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  • WanderingWeavile reply Man thanks for pointing this out. In hindsight this means the movie makes perfect sense but embraces fatalism...But also kinda pointless. You don't get time reading powers as much as just the ability to read ahead on the script. If her flash forwards said there was to be a world war would it happen anyway? Whats the point of all this.
  • [ – ] zhewitt24 reply I am getting around to rewatching Eva as its been like 6 years since ive seen it and at the time i may have been too young to appreciate fully... i could only for the most part tie my love of it to "the feels"... Do you know of any shows that have the same depth of thematic approach as Eva
  • [ – ] Alrexlink reply Well, I am happy you have keep pulling reviews forward, kind of sad how your channel and followers were lost, if you just hadn't been so rude and mean...
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