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  • RubenLeija reply Vidme is an awesome place. The organic reach on this platform is amazing and people actually leave genuine comments which is a + as well.
  • duffy reply Awesome man! Keep doing what you do :)
  • BrianAiya reply wow 4 months! this is my 1st month here. It's a great dream, I am a big movie fan and my dream since high school was to be a director too :) but anyways, now I am not really pursuing on being an independent filmmaker, but it makes me happy to see someone has that dream here. I wish you all of the success dude! Yes sure, you should make a Q&A.
  • [ – ] spicytots reply aw this is so awesome. congrats dude!
  • BedtimeGaming reply Definitely agree, Vidme is amazing. Hope to see more great things.
  • BlaisStudios reply It's my one month on Vidme anniversery and I love it so much. It's an amazing community.
  • Wulfe reply Welcome man! I love this website too!
  • CuneiformHub reply I miss rental stores too, I've only got one near where I live and it's almost out of business. Viva Video Hut!
  • Megagon reply My one month anniversary is in a couple of days... I gotta get some vids out LOL
  • LVLWON reply Happy 4 month + 1 day anniversary on Vidme!
  • Kualajimbo reply Congrats on getting featured! You make some pretty fantastic content so you certainly deserve it :)
  • contortion reply 4 people were watching
  • [ – ] Xenophon reply Vidme doesn't post political topics on their home page. Why is that? Is it because Vidme only caters to video game brained children? I'm seeing fewer and fewer reasons to bookmark Vidme.
    • FrameByFrame parent reply You do realize I'm a film reviewing channel and an independent filmmaker that doesn't talk about video games that much on my channel, right? I disagree wholeheartedly.
    • waveyboy parent reply well vidme is supposed to be a site for content creators not political vloggers....... none of this was a problem until a huge influx of you came here
    • Kualajimbo parent reply Firstly that isn't completely true, I found a video about how the american currency system is a scam of sorts featured on the home page only yesterday. Also who ever said that Vidme was made to be a political centered platform?
  • Kleech reply @Xenophon Who cares about politics. This is an international platform, so posting politically oriented content would mean covering each and every country there is. Vidme is for entertainment. For politics, read the news.
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