Fly United Or Else!

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  • [ – ] Boxful reply Well I'm never booking a flight with that airline...
  • sakuramboo reply To quote NOFX, "I'll never fly S&M Airlines again!"
  • NovemberJoy reply How the hell is that even legal?
  • hauntedpixel reply Chicago PD is doing their share of spinning on this as well. Simply disgusting behavior on all fronts.
  • OralRobots reply This was a test to see if Americans are ready to tolerate outright physical abuse from their feudal corporate overlords. The only correct response from the People is to boycott United out of existence.
  • [ – ] sakuramboo reply Holy shit, Jim, it got even worse!
  • AndreZ reply So much misinformation here it is not funny.
  • Wilson_Report reply I was expecting another depressing video, the twist closer to end really made my day. (Soundtrack)
  • Dos_Gaming reply There is a punch of stuff which auto makes the airline in the wrong. 1. Not sure if this is UK only but as far as I know once you are on the plane and seated then they can't remove you from the plane at all (unless for security reasons). 2.why did the police get involved? (unless that isn't police). 3.They didn't over book. They just wanted to put more staff on the plane! 4. I'm pretty sure even if they did have to remove him that causing that amount of damage to a person is way way way out of line! Like this is actual brutality to a person! You can get him to forcefully stand up and leave but dragging him and causing him to bleed! So much damage to what looks like an older man! He could have died if he hit is head the wrong way or anything!
  • Mental_Gymnast reply The airline had to call the police to remove him. Those are police officers removing him not the air line. He chose to have the police use force to remove him.
  • carlf reply United fucked up. Metokur ... well, it wasn't "Todd from Baggage Handling" that was going on vacation. United had to get a flight crew to another airport to fly a plane. If they couldn't get there, hundreds of people would have missed their flights instead of four, you know? They handled it terribly, but it wasn't some kind of stupid whim, either. (Other ways to handle it: offer to rebook passengers on another airline. Pay to fly their crew on another airline. Just plain offer more money.)
  • JonVoight reply You know... Flight 93 happened once and it can happen again... This time against the staff :3
  • TidBits reply SO messed up
  • pjalmighty42 reply News update: They weren't police or security. It was actual United employees. So, yeah, assault. I hope the doc takes those fuckers to the cleaners, like 100's of millions of dollars. #FuckUnited
  • SurfMcKane reply The way it's done with most airlines is, employees fly on standby. Meaning they wait for available seats. If there are no seats they must wait until there is. If seats are 'oversold' no paying customer is randomly picked for forcible removal so an employee is not inconvenienced. Unless of course you run your airline like a private club of crony fascists.
  • Lalalillilin reply I get it lmfao ha
  • NickBerget reply How do you turn $800 into 8 million? Ride United.
  • 8yearsorwar reply I might be wrong but he seems to have brain damage/stroked. The repetition and confusion are usual signs, and he did stay apparently passed out for several seconds.
  • Aeeso reply And the company response is basically , Para phrase "sorry but the employees were just following procedure"...
  • sarah reply god... it was so painful to watch that video of him yesterday. seriously, so disturbing for united to think this was an OK way to handle a situation!
  • [ – ] Good_News_This_Morning reply Why not keep upping the offer, everyone has their price.
    • AndreZ parent reply They got up to $800 + hotel. You would think that upping to $1,500 would get volunteers. That would have been $2,800 well spent for UAL.
  • warren reply Lol. Amazing analysis. Impressive mishandling of a situation!
  • Dos_Gaming reply Also why did the police even get involved? This was an airline issue and was in no was illegal! Calling the police straightway is super over kill!
  • CarlosSpicyWiener reply OMG!, OMG!, then everybody just sat on their ass an stayed on the plane, if you really gave a shit, you would have got off the plane! Morons, keep being groped, an flying the frightening sky's!
  • BubblyLottie reply Im shocked. Is there anything we can do?
  • AmateurBellyDance reply Damn that's a lot of blood.
  • CorpseDragon reply 5:49- Holly Shit that sounds terrifying.
  • Kuldebar reply OMFG, great video but wtfiswrong with those assholes at United?
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