Can You Handle The Facts About Jews

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  • [ – ] OnyxDigitalCommissions reply They would rather believe that the Vatican and Jesuits are behind it all along with corporatism ignoring the Zionist factor all together..
    • [ – ] theunhivedmind parent reply You have to understand that no one talks about the Venetian side to the British (New Venice) Empire and its continuum. This connection will take you on a journey outside of the very powerful Jesuit Order and into Venice via the likes of Contarini who handled Ignatius Loyola. You'll also note that the Jesuits themselves are a Talmudic creation which is provable. Once you get into the powers of Venice you soon find the connection to the ancient land of Samaria and these Talmudic devils known as the Synagogue of Satan (mentioned in the Bible). The Catholic Church was infiltrated by the Jesuits on behalf of the Talmudic powers and this started in 1541 onwards. The Talmudic devils destroyed European Unity as Christendom and divided it ready for the kill which eventually occurred from 1814 onwards and victory against the Catholic Church by 1958 which was evident a few years later with the Second Vatican Council )Jesuit Renewal).
      • OnyxDigitalCommissions parent reply Oh interesting. I'll do some extensive research on that. Thanks for educating me on some new stuff I didn't know about. =) It's always appreciated to converse with someone more knowledgeable about these things to further my learning. I really like how this site is becoming the video platform for the people as oppose to YT being slowly reduced to a corporate platform. Liking the replies that people have and open opinionated community vidme has.
  • OnyxDigitalCommissions reply This is such a touchy subject to talk about with Jewish people.. I've gotten to the point of convincing others about the new world order, illuminati, freemasonry, the dangers of GMOs, fluoride and chemtrails even but when you mention Zionism being the heart of it all all credibility for them goes out the window.. it's so annoying. I even started to show some this documentary called "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told" it did open some minds up but in the end some still continued to bring up how horrible he was to the Jews and the Holocaust bs.. It's so frustrating..
  • OnyxDigitalCommissions reply "Rights aren't rights if they can be taken away, they're privileges. That's all we ever had. A country of temporal privileges." ~ George Carlin Our founding fathers were no better than the Zionists who took land from the Palestinians the Europeans and founding fathers brought plague, slavery, rape and murder to the natives of this once free and beautiful land.. Both are guilty of similar genocide.
  • Rocco667 reply I've noticed this for years. Soon as you bring up the JQ, people shy away from you in fear
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