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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply A weekend staff does seem to be a logical course of action to fix problems like what happened last weekend. They do need time off but the site needs to work especially on high traffic days like the weekend.
  • DavidClapper reply haha, great
  • realLain011001 reply but lain loves this place, and you
  • Anything10 reply I've been sending a verification letter and still no reponse whether I need to resend or not. *sigh
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply You keep talking about positivity but you're THIS upset just because your THREE subscribers aren't getting you a full six dollars? Those numbers are minuscule, like you're not even TRYING to make more. It really shouldn't be an issue until you're making WAY more money or at least have a good deal more subscribers. Sounds to me like you're being a defeatist. I would know a thing or two about that myself.
    • [ – ] phantom_films parent reply The problem isn't that I should get a dollar. The problem is I can't get in contact about the dollar.
      • Mattwo parent reply I've been told plenty of times that Vidme's staff is small. Lately they've been working on an issue with the servers, they even had to come in on a weekend.
  • Mattwo reply There's actually only a few thousand people active on Vidme and that number has been tanking quite a bit lately, soon those numbers will be less than Myspace...
  • Mattwo reply Taking more money than they're supposed to? Well, it could be worse, they could be Revver and not give you ANY money.
  • scottwebb reply Obvs they need time off; however, an issue like you're mentioning is like an alert and you stop everythingl. NO DOWNTIME! lol Having run community at Unsplash in the past, they should be active or plan for situations like that. Even a response like "We are workin on this" eases everyone big time. Hope this was a lesson.
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