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  • SamEarl13 reply Sad thing about the cringy skit is there's plenty of people that probably think the world should work like that.
  • Thorvald793 reply There is only one thing to say: fuck the racist assholes at Al Jazeera!
  • unicornmecaptain reply Wow talk about cringe worthy. (Not what you were saying, Sir Suit.)
  • Aldrick_Fon_Dracul reply Kind of an aside, but why are the "allies" all dorky hipsters?
  • AceAcer2 reply Suit, those morons are only good to make fools of themselves and be laugh at. The cringe is over 9000 with them - and they ask why we don't take them seriously.
  • Broomfondle reply Re-enforcing the narrative,that's what it all comes down to, cringy? fucking scary if you ask me
  • MaxVolume reply Hilarious, but I truly hope it is done as a parody ... not my kind of people!
  • Edgewood reply ....No, just no. But at least I can stand this. Maybe roundly, politely mock anyone using the thing in front of me...but I can stand it. Still an amusing skit, despite the high level of cringe.
  • jj27 reply How fucking racist and sexist Can these morons be. It was not funny just sad
  • GAConyers reply If that dude was handsome, they are digging in the wrong rubbish heap...
  • JunglesBongles reply whats the official pyramid of oppressed minorities by white males? so i can go oppress them more.
  • Texastom reply when i first say this, i thought, this has to be an onion skit,. but i have seen some weird and stupid sh*t come out of feminist/SJWs.
  • Leadhead reply Wow what a pile of shite 💩
  • SpeakingOfGames reply I never can get tired of these woeful "skits" like some of these people are eejits to say the least hah
  • Boodang reply Personally I think the skit is clever. Does it need to be torn down? Yes especially about the "punching nazis" part. That's fucked up, and not really funny. And factually, it all falls down at the end, so fuck it.
  • Aaronshy reply Why did they have one punch the guy that said he's not a Nazi? How is saying you aren't one proof you are?
  • Lonecomplex reply What a convenient collection of Nu Males™
  • DieselBob reply The Dead Kennedys saw this hippie-fascism coming in 1979. It's our fault for not listening. Henry Rollins predictions will come true next, young people getting fat off not black coffee that want everything with segregation because your white and male. FUCK
  • BackSoon reply Oh lord, those cnuts are hilarious
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