Abnormal Truth - Moonraker Mandela Effect - Dolly had Braces!

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  • 6Kolin6Evans6 reply I can expand a bit more if you like the scene goes like this : - He grimaces the light shines on his teeth - She smiles small and the light catches hers. - then he smiles realizing she has braces - then she smiles larger fully revealing the braces. ---- yes the scene was how 'Jaws' turns to the 'good side' and the connection between them was due to the 'flaws'' they have which was their braces. this has 'jarred' a lot of people, to the degree that people are analysing the film frame by frame and alleged they can see anomalies related to the braces ha ha https://www.reddit.com/r/MandelaEffect/comments/52731o/i_found_braces_fragments_on_dollys_teeth/ and there are many more . great vid - i'll try to make more people aware of this site.
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