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  • [ – ] Legato_Edwards reply The world is totally filled with the vampires and parasites.There is no way to save it.Destruction of all-races ,,nations,governments,parliaments and congresses,kings,banks,economies,religions,mass media,universities and schools,factories,entertainments industries and the other all the organisations- is the only way remained.There must be remained Only One Race,Race of ZIGMA. Race of ZIGMA is composed of Samurais and Girls.Destroy all the pseudo men and all the Women ! Pseudo men are parasites and women are the vampires. -Haku Zynkyoku
  • SkogComplex reply The only thing good about jootube was the ability to make money with adsense. If that is gone, there is no reason to make it a primary platform. It might be good as a secondary one, or tertiary one, just to drive traffic to the primary, the same way Varg is doing. We'll see how much free speech vidme can handle. If they are real about free speech, then they'll prosper from the mass exodus. If they waver, or cower, then they won't prosper so well and will just be an interum platform. I know pressure will be put on them, but they can stand on free speech grounds and not start precedents of conceding to the (((usual saboteurs))) and be fine.
  • [ – ] FortressGuardian reply The only two that might be straight white males are both handicapped. One with a cane and one in a wheelchair. The shadows are fucked. I don't think a child did this so I'm not sure why they screwed the shadowing so badly.
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply I wonder when pro-Whites will hijack this kind of monetary offer deluge, to 'doodle' pozzed fuckery and then take the money for other , more noble, uses. That's a clearly googlish pic anyway, and I don't believe that 'little girl scribbled it' , or the fake scholarship. I do like that last one though xD
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