Artificial Intelligence is….WACIST!

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  • [ – ] OSheasRebellion reply I know Europe thinks Americans are gun crazy, but this is exactly the reason the US has the second amendment, and that is the exact reason the left wants our guns. They disarmed the dissenters and turned their violent mob on them.
    • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply In the USA, gun sales always go up after every news media or government mention of banning guns or blaming shootings on guns and not sociopaths who use them to murder people. Ask the Native-Americans who survived, the Fed gov took away their guns, said they would not need them as the government will take care of them. Then the trail of tears happened and many Native-Americans died as they were being relocated from their ancestorial lands to new lands in Oklahoma etc. If they had guns, it would not have happened. The British Empire did this as well to their colonies, took away guns so they could take over if needed be. US Founding Fathers put gun rights in Constitution because Britan wanted to ban guns in the colonies. Without guns, USA would still be colonies to the British Empire.
      • Lucifer66_ parent reply Bullshit the indians would not have prevented trail of tears via second. You morons forget that the whole independance war was heavily funded by the French and Spanish. Farmboys cant be on par with the government without other states helping out
  • [ – ] LeftHeadGrave reply AI is racist, milk is a symbol of white supremacy, and we're not getting Szechuan sauce back in McDonalds because it's demeaning... Screw every offended person on this planet.
  • Paul_W reply Any video that features a HAL 9000 gets an upvote from me!!!
  • DIPROSALIC reply The saddest thing about modern day internet, is the fact that you can visibly see the existence of every idiot on the planet. Great video, and thanks for posting.
  • [ – ] exception11 reply started to cave. We can expect it be become a censored area if we do not oppose. Please inquire if you're concerned about losing Minds to the direction of other social media sites.
    • [ – ] Partially_Evil parent reply Woah, wait a minute, how? Can you provide a link to some info? Not accusing you of lying, just curious...
      • [ – ] exception11 parent reply Dave commented about this on youtube, where I also posted this concern (one post on, one on youtube) and replied informing me he had spoked with the staff of Minds. I am not 100% pleased with the outcome, but I accept it, and feel I was heard. I will link the thread in question below if I can. Mind you, it is a very sensitive subject forming the debate! In short, there were drawings of anime children, some in acts of... well- It's disturbing,
        • [ – ] exception11 parent reply Please understand I am not defending the art, only the right to have a place to post it on Minds.
          • [ – ] Partially_Evil parent reply Okay, I confess I don't have a lot of sympathy for these people. Pedophilia is one of those things that I don't think should come under 'protected speech', it fucks up children-both figuratively and literally-I know the moto for liberals is 'do as you will', but it's followed up with 'as long as you harm no other'. So if this is just saying they don't want to support kiddie-fuckers then I agree with them. I suppose one could technically argue this sets a precedent of censorship, but I should hope Bill Ottman is smart enough to recognize the difference between mean words on the internet and going full mohammad. If he doesn't then never really had much of a chance anyway.
            • [ – ] GalvanizedDream parent reply That's the thing, does that still apply when they aren't real? Going by the handles/nicknames, they posted artwork that erotically depicted fake people, of whom resemble minors. We are not talking about real kids here. Unless the PROTECT Act was ratified, then lolicon (The term for both the people who enjoy it, and artwork that erotically depicted fake people, of whom resemble minors) is legal. Otherwise, it is not. I can understand taking down actual CP, as it is illegal. But taking down lolicon because it resembles it is absurd. Going by that logic, we need to ban violent video games because they depict illegal acts of murder.
              • [ – ] GalvanizedDream parent reply Elaboration 2: IIRC: The PROTECT act (US) forbids the depiction or representation of minors in pornogrophy, even when the actor/actress/computer generated mesh is not a minor. (Or is a computer generated polygon mesh, or other form of artwork.). From what I remember, it was struck down by the supreme court for being too vauge. Going by general acceptance of lolicon on more fringe websites (e621, Senkaku Complex), as well as the continued existence of "dirty smalls" (as I have heard them called) in real porn, I assume that it has not been ratified by congress. I could be wrong tho.
                • GalvanizedDream parent reply Addendum: IIRC; I remember hearing that Lolicon is illegal in Canada, so extrapolation to Australia, and most of Europe is reasonable. It is not illegal in Japan, from what I assume. Again: I could be wrong.
              • GalvanizedDream parent reply To elaborate: Said artwork is usually done in an anime/manga artstyle, as the term itself originates from Japan.
              • GalvanizedDream parent reply Unless the PROTECT Act was ratified, lolicon is legal.* Grammatical correction.
        • GalvanizedDream parent reply If I may ask, do you have a transcript or link to the conversation between you and Dave? Or did he only say that he talked with Minds?
  • vanners reply If facts are deemed racist by SJWs then it's no surprise that objective machines would also be deemed racist by them. All this study really shows is the inherent bias of the researchers. Perhaps what is really being discovered is that the researchers are the bigots, but against Caucasians.
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply Wia until AI sees those FBI crime statistics!
  • VonMotes reply Why can't everyone move to VID.ME, I'm so done with Google and YT?
  • QuazzVids reply wait so is this guy gonna change his channel name or what
  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply Is TheDaveCullenShow on
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply They really weren't joking when they believe everything is racist including AI. Sounds stupid enough already but considering some SJW's out there frequently call non-living things sexist, racist etc it doesn't surprise me at all.
    • MysticSword parent reply I seem to recall seeing news blurbs, I think maybe it was last year perhaps after a bad storm hit Haiti, that some SJW's (and some were established News media) were claiming that Nature itself was racist. :P
  • AdamAlake reply Great video, man.
  • abetterwest reply SJW's can taint everything.
  • [ – ] The_Eldritch_Bee reply Soon we'll see Skynet labeled as racist by the Anti-Defamation League.
  • j38ish reply Did you say NUKE-ULAR?
  • TheChangingWays reply HAL 9000 segment was brilliant.
  • tomcat542 reply I think this has become my main source of news at this point.
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