The Recent Influx of Women into The Community

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  • DaftHooligan reply Taking the red pill is like waking up from a strange dream to a nightmare. A dream that included indoctrination, being shamed, being guilted, and being treated less than a human being. The nightmare is when you realize that you're not insane because everyone else is.
  • [ – ] burnz_au reply my fear is the right wing is becoming similar to the left, regressive..
  • KaiserTrigger reply I'd say that it depends on whether or not a woman can pass a shit test. Think about it... Laci Green for example might just be deciding to change their tactics and such, and stealing resources. Others might not. Just because one starts to agree with you, does not warrant an immediate trust. But it does offer the chance to listen to them and try to judge who is and isn't your actual ally, and not your leech.
  • Sirlagsalot666 reply As a man going his own way, I'll be the first to admit that Angry MGTOWs views are not the same as mine.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Taking the Red Pill is not about genitals. It's about an ideology of authoritarianism and trying to expose that for what it is: Regressive. Regressive Left == Regressive Right. I, for one, welcome women in the community. It does not matter to me. I'm MGTOW anyway. ^.^
    • I3UTM parent reply I also would like to know how Kerry and Donegal are doing since my Irish ancestors are from there. :) These videos also suit you better.
  • LaurenVideon reply Every action has an equal and opposite reaction- feminism was becoming loud and unpopular, turning off more and more people. Therefore, this turn of events was inevitable, the fact that woman are now publicly "joining the fold" (for lack of a better term) means the backlash will be just as loud. I found this video quite interesting, I can't claim to know very much about gender relations (even as a woman!) but I'll be watching this red-pill wave with curiosity.
  • JadeJicama reply As far as the argument of 'They're doing it for the money!'... so? No matter if that's for a company or an individual... So what? They're starting to see that being offensively feminist isn't where the money lies any longer. They're just changing course and correcting to where the money might be. And possibly bringing others along who listen to them. That's the important part.
  • blazedu reply Why are guys critical of the women coming in? Why do they think only men can be red pilled? If you're doubtful about the women, talk to them, ask them about their views and their experience, build that trust. Those who are really doing it for the money will not be able to keep the charade for long or their attitude will denounce them. This rebuilding will need both men and women and Dave's absolutely right, women can bring some points across way better than men, just like black people that speak against BLM or muslims who speak agaisnt islam (an way harder battle), those who would benefit from the ideology and see that it's wrong are the most effective to speak against it.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Dave, you're walking, breathing Red Pill ya bloody ol' gingerbread man.
  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply I think at this point in time, men do still have a damn good right to be worried with women being able to just claim rape for any little thing and be believed. Any and every man can be blamed and shamed, name and life drug through the mud and life fucked over just by being accused of something they never did. As for the video as a whole, I'm not really sure how to explain my thoughts on this. I disagree a lot with what's being said or how it's trying to be used to start a discussion ( and no, I'm not speaking as some feminazi or something. I tend to be very uneasy around people for very long periods at a time/ mental issues suck blerghy-blergh... ) Some of this reminds me of when I was still going to school and would usually look at and think of people as beasts or animals to study more than being people in a large society worth looking deeply into out of interest. I hated men so much at a point when I was younger that I saw them as animals and nothing more ( .....fear of men... lon...moreg story short: abused and saw all men as such growing up ). I never saw them alongside women as being people until I started allowing myself to have friends that were guys and over the years, things have gotten better to a point that I've changed that view I had gained through fear of the opposite sex. This is best I can explain things on how I feel watching this.. you're talking as if seeing things from the view of someone looking at animals of both sexes.. if that makes any sense at all.
    • Sinistar_Aries parent reply Also, hearing red pilled and blue pilled and so on so often in recent years has been freakin' insane. o.O Ya sound like a bunch of druggies!! *shakes fist* .o.
  • CraggBragg reply Thanks for this! It gives me hope to learn that the next generation coming up are more red-pilled than the previous.
  • [ – ] DueyBear reply Women are historically more loyal to ideologies then men, who have a more pragmatic approach to ideology. The combination of the two bring balance. If we don't want the SJWs to rule the next generation and ultimately doom civilization, "muh generalizations" be damned, we need women to facilitate the passing down of values and guard us from too much ideological compromise, and women need men to protect and provide for them during their vulnerable periods of pregnancy, early motherhood, and later life.
  • santora1957 reply Everything is so green.
  • Ghawk reply Gasp, women exist on the internet? Are people leaving /r9k/ for once?
  • Unhipalmond360 reply When the gynocentric laws get reversed and/or abolished, then create a victory video.
  • Torok0420 reply Everyone Deserves A Fair Shake , and people can Change , if They Choose , I Think Many People can use Tactics That Are Self Serving , We Live In Strange Days , Insults Don't Win Arguments , And Those Who Throw Mud , Will Surely Loose Ground , Strange Days , People Need To Build Off Of What Works , and I Think The Prosperous Cultures , in our human history , Knew When To Let The B/S Go , and Move On To a Respectful Ideology , Most People Have Good Intentions , That's My " two cents " >>> Nice Video Dude
  • Adrint reply Very interesting times we are living in today. Here's hoping for the best.
  • Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply Hey Dave I like what you have to say, but I don't believe the R and K selection thing.
  • Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply Everybody thinks it's political. politics, politics. Politics is just a symptom, a side effect from where your at with God. What it really all boils down to is; God vs. the Devil...
  • Minsc reply The issue I see is not so much a culture war that is being won or lost but the eternal one sided war of lies vs truth, fantasy vs reality. All we can do is state things as we observe and acknowledge there is one authority that determines right and wrong, not us.
  • [ – ] MaxIzrin reply Normies come in! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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