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  • [ – ] Contraband_Res reply Singularity and Timeshift. That's some good shit.
    • Rawman parent reply Yes! Someone else knows. I am a big fan of bizarre mechanics in FPS games but only when they are easy to use and keep the pace up which is why they are on my list of best FPS games. Time and space manipulating is great.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply my fps experience only goes as far as halo/destiny/borderlands so you've got more to say about it than i would. From what I've seen, doom looks fun and I'd get it when I get enough down time play it all the way through. your review also helped me decide if i would ever get it, which I would. i enjoyed the review!
    • Rawman parent reply thanks glad you like the review. also i only got it because i got the game plus all the expansions (which are now free for all) for £10 which is pennies for this game. it really is a strong recommendation from me. it starts a bit slow but like i said i prefer being spoon fed a story and this game didn't do it but it literally starts with action from the jump!
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply its a shame the MP for Doom is dead on PC, the game looks kick ass but I just cant do single player campaigns on FPS. Great review btw! kinda shocked youd knock 2 pts of the review just because of lack of story lol you should really do more of these though, you have a good LGR feel to your review
    • Rawman parent reply Thanks!! I will do more in the future I really did enjoy doing this type of review. Honestly I know it's a shame to rate it that based on lack of story and the highest I would go is a 9 because I'm learning more about it and it gets more enjoyable as you know the ins and outs. But my main reason to play games is a story and an adventure. I can have mindless fun on this for hours but I could easy do double on Uncharted. And games like that. I really don't do multiplayer and I know games like COD are all about that so that's why I stay away from those type of games usually. I remember seeing reviews ages ago and people would review this different to how I did.
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply Fucking mtn dewm. I've replayed this like 3 times
  • [ – ] Make_Me_Believe reply This game is as intense as you can get. I am not a FPS player but this game was amazing. As soon as the music kicks in the fun really begins. You really know how to handle those Hell Knights too.
    • Rawman parent reply i really enjoy dancing around these enemies fight its so fluid and clean! i have stopped playing FPS as its quite obvious most my recommendations are old or the ones i played mainly was on last gen and usually not that good but i still play them as there is not much choice.
    • [ – ] Make_Me_Believe parent reply Never clipped before. Lol. That was funny.
      • Rawman parent reply literally was only a one off haha but yes super weird and funny. The game is pretty much perfect i cant deduct points for glitches which was a one off.
  • Double-T reply I wanted to play Doom specifically for the solo campaign and I absolutely loved playing it. Just a simple shoot em up that never seems to get tiresome.
  • [ – ] Cryostal reply Try playing this game -
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