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  • [ – ] Unhipalmond360 reply I do agree, MGTOW needs transition from YouTube to VIDME and it is going to be a slow process at first although I have feeling it will bust onto these platforms down the line.
    • GoMGTOW parent reply I concur... That's why we need to do our duty and hold the door open for them when they get here and get them the followers that they need for Verification.
  • [ – ] gynocuck reply You know computing forever made a strawman video of Mayor of MGTOW? as computing forever used to be MGTOW then he said he out grew it. His video was trash, No Holds Barred and TFM destroyed him.
    • GoMGTOW parent reply Not all Men will ever achieve the Kung Fu necessary to become a MGTOW monk... Weaker Men often lack the fortitude to escape the entrapments of Gynocentricism... It's an acceptable loss.
  • [ – ] pjalmighty42 reply I'm waiting for TFM, Bar Bar, and hopefully Spetznaz can get off his lazy ass and come on Cause I'm selfish... :P
    • GoMGTOW parent reply I'm keeping an eye out for them! If and when they hit Vidme I'll post up a notification video with links when they arrive, so hit that notification button. If you happen across them before I do please let me know. Thanks and Go MGTOW.
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