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TVShow 3X16 Flashing Light Prize (5) IoT Pacing

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September 9 2017

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Stress shd be more stressful. Button(s) to NodeMCU ESP8266 to Al Gore to .php to .txt to Processing to Arduino to Relay to Alligator Clips to the Future... Ingredients 1. NodeMCU ESP-12E 2. Arduino Uno 3. HC-06 Bluetooth Module 4. (2) Momentary Buttons 5. 5V Relay 6. NPN Transistor 7. 1K Resistor 8. Alligator Clips Notation(s) 1. Originally intended on bluetooth communication between Processing and Arduino Uno with HC-06 module -- how and ever, Processing consistently stalled despite a perceived stable port of call and there is suspicion this was as result of an incompatible native bluetooth. 2. 'status' and 'state' are not like the other. Check your values! Sigh. Thx, Jason Harper. 3. TVShow is shot before no live studio audience...or crew. Often times focus is considered a victory -- here, there is one scene in defeat. We are not DC, we reshoot nothing! 4. A few necessary corrections to the dialog followed by an abundance of totally unnecessary changes in order to preserve the perception that there was no careless thievery. Even the impression could hardly be considered professional -- sigh. Archive

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