Animating UV Map - Moana Effect RECREATED in Blender

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  • [ – ] Auceza reply It would be great since you like to create more videos about Blender.
    • LucasSaturn parent reply I do intend on making more Blender videos! I can't make Maya videos currently, as I don't know how to use it (although I have it installed). By how you talk about Maya, though, I don't think you like it :P
  • [ – ] MaestroMikes reply Wow, that's actually really interesting! I'd love to see more about recreating animation effects from other well-known films.
    • LucasSaturn parent reply Well, you are in luck! I have 3 more videos (at the very least) about recreating effects from well known, and also obscure movies! I also have a few videos talking about issues with different animated content, and how I would go about fixing them. Be sure to follow for future content :)
  • Auceza reply Blender is great. Maya sucks. :-)
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