I Support the RAISE Act Proposed by Trump and the GOP

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  • DankMcDreamcast reply But Muh easy 3rd world votes.
  • abetterwest reply Anyone who doesn't support it is disconnected from reality. Also the left is gas lighting people regarding this with the race card. It ain't working.
  • TheCommonNephil reply #americafirst
  • SirRidealot reply As an immigrant I agree. If you come to live to another country learn the language, culture and traditions. Also cut the welfare, immigration should not be easy.
  • ErickAlden reply Build the wall!
  • roundsphere reply I have just noticed there's a "NSFW search" option in settings in this website and it was turned off. I have "on" it of course.
  • TheNoblePeasant reply Muh white language
  • [ – ] So_I_Am reply I suspect, their is going to be a flood of immigrants to Canada or back to Mexico. I think more green cards need to be issues, or more needs to be done about vetting the illegals here now, and then get them green cards.
    • Perseus_Gold parent reply It has already started and the fucking Liberals are letting them come. Our next election is 2019 and the Conservatives are already polling way head.
  • NickZNick033 reply Yeah I saw the press conference on one of Mark Dice's click bait bullshit videos too like 4 hours ago. It was titled something like, "chrome dome whoever humiliates whoever the fuck the legacy media shill thinks he is" It was a weak sauce retort to a meandering moron and had all of the distinction of a black woman crying, "das rayciss", and baldie crying back, "I know you are, but what am I?" Right now I'm starting to feel like I'm still in the google bubble I was trying to get out of at youtube.
  • beastmodegamer reply Unrelated to the video but will you be continuing Styx at Six (Seven)?
  • k405_5kVz reply As a New Zealander can confirm New Zealand doesn't exist
  • Auceza reply Angles and Saxons are German peoples. :-D English is a German idiom.
  • Sixgorillionlampshades reply The jews are behind this
  • [ – ] truMalma reply p.s. vidme why the upvotes arrows so tiny? Come on now.
  • truMalma reply The fact that it is even controversial is ridiculous. Are they trying to say Quebec is racist? assholes. No it's not and it's also why Quebec is a great place to live in with a decently successful multicultural thing going. The reason? People want their kids to assimilate and learn the language. Every sign is written in french first, than english and people speak to each other in english a lot, and french too. I don't recall in my 28 years of life ever meeting someone in quebec that didn't speak french or english, and the opposite being normal seems completely upside down to me.
  • Bad-People reply *Stephen Miller and Jim Acosta.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The deep state thinks it can leak transcripts, it's time that the leakers are charged under the Espionage Act, if possible they should also face execution for treason also.
  • JVanDevender reply The language of aviation! Korean flights to Tokyo speak to the tower in English! As do German flights to Denmark or Italy
  • PleasantGreenSwan7 reply I bring my cousin who brings his cousin who brings his half brother who brings his mother-in-law who brings her brother who brings is grandfather who brings his X-wife who brings O Wait! There's nobody left in Mexico! There all in the USA!
  • tonygreene113 reply build the wall and don't allow them to come. or press 1 for english.
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply ii thought it was french that was most spoken
  • gbkthaddock reply When I went to high school 2 years of a foreign language was required for admittance to college.
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