10 Apocalypse Barter Items Bug In & Out Survival Skills & gear SHTF WROL Trading Aftermath

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  • PrepperAction reply Great video info and visually nice to watch as well.
  • Serious_Survivor reply Thanks, appreciate that!
  • Serious_Survivor reply I guess that mainly I put the skills in order with the though of a re establishing civilzation. After things have settled and trade is renewed, you are right, skills will not have as much value as silver, gold, etc.... But during the rebuilding phase, I think skills would be a valuable commodity. Just my thoughts though. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
  • CiliRat reply Found your videos while researching my own. Your list is interesting, not sure I agree completely. I personally don't think the apocalypse is all that likely a scenario but if it were to happen I think the best barter item would not be a marketable skill versus physical items...
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